Gamida CellAugust 10, 2015

Gamida Cell plans to commence Phase III study of NiCord in 2016Gamida Cell, a leader in cellular and immune therapies for the treatment of cancer and orphan genetic diseases, announced today that the company has reached agreements with the FDA and EMA regarding the Phase III study design outline of NiCord.  The company is moving

Gamida Cell Ltd.January 8, 2015

First Patient Successfully Transplanted with Cryopreserved (Frozen) NiCord® in Gamida Cell’s Ongoing Phase I/II Clinical Trial for Blood Cancers. This is the first transplantation to use a graft of ex-vivo expanded, cryopreserved, cord blood progenitor cells
Jerusalem, Israel, January 8, 2015 — Gamida Cell, a leader in cell therapy technologies and products for transplantation and adaptive

Gamida Cell Ltd.January 6, 2015

Gamida Cell’s NiCord® Receives FDA and EMA Orphan Drug Designation. NiCord® is in clinical development as a treatment for blood cancers including leukemia and lymphoma
Jerusalem, Israel, January 6, 2015 — Gamida Cell, a leader in cell therapy technologies and products for transplantation and adaptive immune therapy, announced today that orphan drug designation has been granted

Gamida Cell Ltd.October 19, 2014

Gamida Cell Announces Investment and Option Agreement with Major Pharmaceutical Company
Jerusalem, Israel, August 19, 2014 — Gamida Cell, a world leader in stem cell expansion technologies and therapeutic products, announced today that it has signed an investment and option agreement with Novartis Pharma AG (“Novartis”). According to the agreement, Novartis will invest $35 million in

Gamida Cell Ltd.September 9, 2013

 Gamida Cell Announces the Successful Transplantation of the First Patient in The Company’s Phase I/II Study of NiCord® in a Single Cord Configuration
We are witnessing a paradigm shift in transplantation. The first patient was successfully transplanted with a stem cell graft entirely expanded in ex vivo cultures and without the support of a second unit

Gamida Cell Ltd.April 11, 2013

Gamida Cell Reports StemEx® Phase II/III Study Safety and Efficacy Data
Jerusalem, Israel, — Gamida Cell announced today additional analyses for the Phase II/III, multi-center, multi-national, historical cohort-controlled study to evaluate efficacy and safety of StemEx® as an alternative transplantation treatment for patients with high risk leukemia and lymphoma. Twenty-five bone marrow transplant centers worldwide treating

Gamida Cell Ltd.February 4, 2013

Gamida Cell’s StemEx® Achieves Primary Endpoint in Phase II/III Clinical Study
Jerusalem, Israel – Gamida Cell announced today that its flagship product, StemEx, reached its primary endpoint of improving overall survival in a Phase II/III study which compared the use of StemEx as part of a transplantation regimen to historical controls in the treatment of patients

Gamida Cell Ltd.November 12, 2012

First Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease Patient Receives NiCord® Stem Cell Transplantation in Gamida Cell Pilot Study at Duke University
erusalem, Israel, November 12, 2012 — Gamida Cell Ltd., a world leader in stem cell population expansion technologies and stem cell therapy products for transplantation and regenerative medicine, announced today that the first patient, enrolled in its

Gamida Cell Ltd.September 19, 2012

Gamida Cell Completes Enrollment for Phase I/II Study of Second Pipeline Product NiCord® for Hematological Malignancies
Gamida Cell , a leader in adult stem cell expansion technologies and products, announced today that it has completed enrollment for a Phase I/II clinical trial of NiCord, the company’s second pipeline product.
NiCord is in development as an experimental treatment

Gamida Cell Ltd.February 12, 2012

The Gamida Cell-Teva Joint Venture Concludes Enrollment for the Phase III Study of StemEx®, a Cord Blood Stem Cell Product, for Leukemia and Lymphoma. The results of the StemEx study are expected during the second half of 2012
Jerusalem, Israel, February 13, 2012 — Gamida Cell announced today that the Gamida Cell-Teva Joint Venture (JV), equally