Israel HealthCare Ventures (IHCV) – is a leading Israeli life sciences venture fund that has been operating since 2000. During this period we have been investing in Israeli start-up companies in various sectors of the healthcare industry, mainly from two funds: IHCV I (2000) and IHCV II (2006).
To date, IHCV I and IHCV II have cumulatively invested approximately $135 million in 27 companies. Our portfolio includes companies in the fields of cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, general surgery, gastroenterology, esthetics, central nervous system, and other medical areas. It covers therapeutic and diagnostic technologies as well as rehabilitation, drug delivery, and consumer healthcare. About 75% of the portfolio is invested in medical device companies and the rest in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

IHCV is a venture fund that operates much like a long-term investment company. It pursues a hands-on, personal and informal approach, providing portfolio companies with professional advice, ongoing management support and an extensive network of contacts throughout the global medical and financial arenas.

IHCV’s position within the Israeli VC and healthcare industries fosters a robust deal flow which includes most of the promising opportunities that appear in the market. IHCV is open to investment opportunities across a broad spectrum of possibilities in the life sciences field. The fund is not limited by preset policies that define the stage, discipline or the size of investment. IHCV’s ideal investment opportunity is a company with a superior management team coupled with a truly innovative technology, providing a solution to an existing unmet clinical need. The company should display excellent potential for rapid market acceptance and profitability.